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I do not know who you are, man in pretty blue shirt, but I love you

OK Tumblr sit down and pay attention. Let me tell you about the “man in pretty blue shirt”. That man is Adam Hills. Remember that name cos you’re gonna wanna fucking use it. Adam Hills is an Australian comedian with a prosthetic leg. He presents a show on Channel Four in the UK called “The Last Leg” (did you see what he did there?!) with Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker who is also disabled. The show started as a recap show during the 2013 Paralympic Games but was so fucking popular it was brought back as a late night current affairs/comedy show. Adam’s rants have made him famous. He is a better feminist than pretty much any famous feminist you can name and an advocate of disabled people, women, gay people - pretty much all decent human beings. He tore Joan Rivers to shreds when she called Adele “fat”, called UKIP politician Godfrey Bloom out for insulting women and gay men, and destroyed online betting agency Paddy Power for taking bets on the outcomes of the Oscar Pistorious trial. He has been angered by OK magazine talking about Kate Middleton’s weight the DAY after she gave birth, breast feeding mothers being called tramps, and Nike’s ad campaign “winning takes care of everything” that celebrated his return to golf after being caught cheating on his wife. He uses insults like “mathematically inept cocksplash” and his catchprase is “stop being a dick!” Adam Hills is a fucking legend and if you’re not already watching “The Last Leg” - which incidentally is BACK ON UK TV TOMORROW NIGHT (AUG 1ST), following his Twitter, and generally falling in love with the fucker, then why the fuck not?

(Source: stupidfuckingquestions)

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