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imagine Bucky goes to have a blood test one time and the nurse can’t find a vein

and they’re like ‘are you sure it’s this arm you usually have blood taken from?? maybe i should try the other one’

and he just looks at them like 


‘sure if you can find it in a ravine in Europe somewhere’

Ok so I keep seeing stuff about banned books popping up… It’s like banned book week or something…. I’m a hermit so I don’t actually really know these things…. Anyway I have a story about this! So when I was in school we didn’t have many banned books at our school. (That I’m aware of, any books that were banned by like the pope or something usually ended up with like five copies in our library. Our librarian was actually the shit….) Anyway we did however have restricted books. Books you were only allowed to read with written consent from your parents. (More books were on this list in junior high than in high school, it was mostly for content. Overly graphic books found their way on this list.) (Actually on a side note the strange thing to both me and my mother was the number of books that DIDN’T make this list. Like most any book portraying graphic violence, or in some cases racial slurs more on junior high with that one, but their were several books including one for a class assignment that had fairly graphic rape scenes that were NOT put on this list, but any overly sexual books were…. Yeah think about that…. ONE OF MY ASSIGNMENT BOOKS CONTAINED A RAPE SCEENE, we had test questions on that chapter. You had to get a note from your parents to skip that chapter and honestly taking that chapter out didn’t detour from the main literary lessons of the book…. Anyway…)

Moving on random rant there… Anyway when I was in junior high I brought home the restricted book list and permission slip to my mom all worried she wouldn’t sign it. I even tried to hide the list but the permission form mentioned it so my mom made me show her, she signed it without a second thought. She highlighted a few books she wanted me to talk with her first before I read because she knew they’d be tough for me to handle, but she gave me free reign with this kinda stuff and signed my slip every year without fail. There were a lot of things growing up me and my mom fought about, a lot of this I did and even read that she didn’t like, but she never stopped me from reading whatever I wanted. (There was ONE case where I was reading a lot of “witch” themed material (I had an awkward witch craft phase….) and she was getting on my case about “devil worship” so being the smart ass I suggested I get a satanic bible then, this was the only book she refused to let me bring into the house ever. )

So my mom was really cool when it came to books. I was never forced to read anything, even assignment books. (HA! I never finished The Great Gatsby because I HATED it…. I barely passed that…. I guessed through the whole test and got most of it right…) I was allowed to read what I wanted as long as my mom knew what I was reading and what content it might have, she wanted to know if something was gonna be tough on me. Even now if I mention a book I want to read my mom tends to engage me in conversation about the book, and if she’s read it will warn me of anything that I would find hard to read. When the pope banned the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons my mom bought them for us to read, and we went to see the movie together. Now I know that’s far from the most horrendous thing we could read, but it was one that had been this big deal at the time. Same with the Harry Potter books, though I never read past the first three chapters of the first one. Just wasn’t for me. I actually didn’t start reading young adult fiction until I was in high school, before that I read mostly older fantasy and classics.

So that’s my “banned” books story, and how my mom gave me the freedom to read to my hearts content.

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